Thursday, October 29, 2009

File a Banking Complaint

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

File Complaint against Chase Bank

L. of Morrison, CO October 28, 2009

My credit score is excellent. No late payments to anyone, never over my limit, always pay far more than the minimum payment, etc. Despite being an ideal customer, Chase raised my credit card rate from an already-lousy 13.99%, to 17.99% for NO reason at all. I called them and asked them to keep it at the lower rate and they refused. So I paid that card off with money from savings, closed the account, and told them where they could SHOVE their credit card! I'm 42 years old, have a lot of years left probably, and will NEVER EVER spend one dollar or have any type account with Chase EVER AGAIN!

M of Hernando, MS October 28, 2009

I have had this card for over ten years. It was a membership card for life with a permanant rate of 1.90%. Chase has raised this rate to 8.24% WITH OUT any notice and they said that they can change it and there's nothing I can do about it. Well we will see, I have never been late on this card nor has it been anywhere near the limit.

Timothy of Rio Rico, AZ October 28, 2009

Chase recently purchased my credit card accounts from wamu, they then bumped my credit card rate up to 29.99%. I called to get it lowered and they say there is nothing they can do. Nothing but rip me off. I always pay my bills and have cut my credit cards down from 5 to 1. And they cant help me out. lots of interest, ill get rid of my chase accounts and go with a bank that is reasonable, please dont do anything for chase they get bailed out and still want to stick it to everyone else.

Christopher of Milton, WI October 28, 2009

About 2 weeks ago, my wife recieved purchase checks from her Chase Credit Card account to use to make a major purchase, or pay off other debt to consolidate bills. We opted to consolidate other credit cards and get a few things for the house. She had a 10,300 limit, and even with the balance that was on the card (3600), was well under the limit. She wrote a check for 3160, and deposited it into the bank. Needless to say, they contacted her this morning (10/26/2009) to tell her they weren't honoring it, and they were lowering her limit.

In the eight years of having that account, she has never had an overlimit or late payment. We are currently trying to stop payments on everything. Some are already being processed, which makes it even worse. The overdraft fees from the bank, and late/returned fees from the other credit cards services are/will be incredible. How can they do this? Between us, we both have Chase, and former Washington Mutual accounts , which we will be closing. The sad part is, she talked to them prior to putting the check in the bank, and they were fine with it being used for this purpose, and amount.

David of san francisco, CA October 26, 2009

Chase raised the monthly minimum on me without me being aware of that. I usually pay them more then the minimum and do it on line with bill pay service. I was out of the country and realized that I was charged 39 late fee and called the office. I was with a rep that say that I pay now he will remove the late fee. I decided to send the additional minim due also on bill pay and not with the rep. When I called again the next week after the payment was received they say sorry we cannot do anything. This is disgrace and unethical. i paid the 39 late fee