Thursday, October 29, 2009

File a Banking Complaint


  1. Just Thought I would say Hi. Have you contacted me directly yet?

  2. I HATE CHASE BANK!!! I signed up for Chase FREE checking a little over a month ago and this month I was charged $33 overdraft fee ...TEN times...YES 10 TIMES...that makes it out to be $330 in fees over 3 days. First off, it's a checking account NOT a credit card so I made those purchases with my debit card. If there was insufficient funds, why not reject the claim? I was charged in one day in particular day 5 times $33 for charges that were alot less than the fees. For example, $1.99, 10.17, nothing was over the $33 fee. I didn't sign up for overdraft protection so why do I have it on my account so they can gouge every last cent from me. I make $625 every 2 weeks and they just charged me fees that is half of my pay check. I'm a single Mom with a 7 year old. The representative and supervisor basically said tough luck. It's Chase policy. It's OUTRAGEOUS!! I'm in tears so frustrated...I don't know what to do...If you have to charge me, why 5 times in the same day? Why $330 over 3 days? I'll accept the one time $33 fee that day but 5 times. What made it worst is that they were rude and talked down to me!!! I'm closing my account today. LET'S BAND AGAINST CHASE BANK!!! This can't be legal.

    BE WARNed everyone! CHASE is out for you!

    Irene Williams